Lincoln 14
Kesteven 5
6.30am alarm - a nervous sleep - coffee done - A 10am kick-off in Boston to compete for the NLD Shield against the Mobs local rival Kesteven…. We are ready!
Battered by the wind screeching from one end of the pitch to the order, the choice was made… Attack against in the first, and let fly down with in the second…
The game quickly evolved into a battle of attrition, as both teams scrapped and tore into each other’s defence.
A sweet pass releasing the Mob to nail the first try, only to be pegged back with a powerful run from Kesteven. The conversion only separating the score in Lincoln’s favour.
And so it remained, and as the game wore on, the second half was a simple flip of the coin. The internal battle occasionally switching to the wings to be brought to a halt through the persistent irritation of the wind…… until it happened… the Mob drove a maul forward putting Kesteven on the back foot, breaking free.
A sweet interplay, looping move that drew the defence before the offload was released… With the afterburners open and the wind in the sails, there was no stopping the try being scored.
As the final whistle blew, the ‘brotherhood’ of the Mob beamed with every ounce of pride.
This day was theirs, The NLD shield was theirs and the season of 2021/22 was theirs.
‘The Mob Grit…did create Greatness’

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